Deadpool Does C2E2 2016

Deadpool does C2E2
Deadpool does C2E2

The day finally arrived and we woke up bright and early and said “Uuuuuh…crap, how are we going to fit everything in the car?”

But we will not be deterred so we managed to shove everything in the Mini Cooper (snacks included) and headed downtown for C2E2 2016! Woohooo!

Not much room to spare! At least the snacks made it!
Not much room to spare!

We arrived at the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place in good time, got a rare parking spot in the hotel garage and soon found ourselves on the TOP floor.  Sweet! If you are going to work as bagman/handler for a weekend, you might as well do it in style!

33 floors above Chicago, what a view!

Then Deadpool took to the convention floor. Take a look at Mnamna’s photo album here

Handling Deadpool is a lot of fun especially this year after the awesome movie.

The kids are the best part!

Deadpool and Ant-Man

This guy was so excited he ran past this mostly naked lady screaming “DEADPOOL” …and then continued to have no eyes whatsoever for the woman behind him. His mom was proud.

Deadpool also does a lot of this…

He’s irresistible, I know.

The group photos are always fun… At the We Are Cosplay hospitality lounge we met for a group photo of Marvel characters.

Awesome Marvel Group at the We Are Cosplay Hospitality Lounge
Awesome Marvel Group at the We Are Cosplay Hospitality Lounge

There’s also always a lot of fun to be had at the Marvel booth.

Great group shot after the costume parade on the Marvel stage.

Group shot at the Marvel booth
Group shot at the Marvel booth

Notice the Winter Soldier holding a knife to Deadpool’s neck and the look on her face…

I think she really wants to kill him...
I think she really wants to kill him…

…she’s pretty into it

Saw some interesting stuff this year including some doodles a few artists left behind…

And some cool Star Wars statues made out of Legos

Every year there is always just 1 Waldo, I love it. It’s like the whole community decides collectively in spirit there will be only 1 and someone wakes up one day and says “I’m Waldo”.

Found him!
Found him!

Headed up to the 33rd floor to take advantage of our awesome room! I must have been a good handler…

Thanks Deadpool! Looking forward to our date next year:

Thanks C2E2!
Thanks C2E2!

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